Services For Our Individual Clients

Our Firm prepares well over 500 individual tax returns every year. We prepare returns and year end projections for individuals from all walks of life and from all parts of the country. We can handle any type of return, whether they include self-employment income from a business, or rental income from any type of rental activity. We prepare the federal, state and city returns for individuals living anywhere in the United States. We also can prepare United States tax returns for foreign residents.

We do not simply take your individual tax information and forms and prepare a return. We analyze the data and are always available to meet with our clients to discuss, review and advise them on their current tax situations and to plan for the future. As part of this planning we provide services in the areas of business planning, investment planning (to minimize tax costs), retirement planning and, of course, estate planning.

Once the annual tax return is prepared and delivered, our work does not end. We continually monitor the new tax law changes and advise our clients of planning tips to maximize their tax savings from these changes. We are also available for consultations throughout the year about any tax questions or life event changes affecting the individual as they come up. We are also available to handle any federal or state tax audits that may occur from time to time. We have years of experience and have handled numerous audits in the past.

Any tax discussions and advice which would lead to any legal issues, or transactions, can easily be handled by our related law firm of Lester, Minsky & Berzak, P.C. This includes, but is not limited to, estate plans, estate tax filings, business organizations, business purchases and sales, and real estate purchases and sales.

Income Tax Returns

We prepare all Federal tax forms along with all necessary schedules, statements and elections. We can also prepare all resident state returns and schedules along with all non-resident and part year resident returns.

Business Planning

We can advise businesses throughout their entire existence. This starts with a discussion of the selection as to the type of business entity to form. We can then prepare the necessary applications to form the entity and register it with all the necessary taxing agencies. We can advise the client as to the best accounting procedures and computer programs to use along with the internal control procedures they will need to establish. We will then review, monitor and advise the business’s owners about operations throughout the entity’s existence while we prepare all required tax returns. Finally, we will advise the client as to the best methods to use in implementing either a succession plan from the owners to their children, or advise and help negotiate the sale of the business. We then will advise how these plans can best be implemented with the most favorable tax results.

Investment Planning

We are always available to discuss with our clients the nuances of various investment vehicles and their relationship to each other. We can discuss the merits of any specific investment option that a client may bring to us. We have also developed relationships with some members of the investment community who can provide investment choices for our clients.

Retirement Planning

We can advise our clients as to the various types of retirement accounts that are available to them and help them determine which ones would be best for them. This is always done with an eye to maximizing their retirement funds available at retirement while minimizing their current tax liabilities.

Estate Planning

We have found that many of our clients have been so concerned about making income and acquiring wealth that they suddenly have amassed a substantial taxable estate and do not know what to do. We always discuss and review a client’s asset structure, usually during the annual tax return preparation, and discuss potential problems and options that are available to correct or mitigate them. We have many years of experience in providing plans to help our clients lower or eliminate their potential estate tax liability.

IRS Audits

Although no one likes them and no one ever knows when they may happen, IRS and state governmental tax notices and audits happen. As part of our tax preparation service we are able to respond to most of the various notices our clients may receive and resolve the issue quickly. If additional correspondence is necessary we will provide the services necessary to resolve the issue. We also will represent our clients if the IRS or state agency requires a field audit. Our experienced staff has represented our clients in handling hundreds of audits which have been resolved on mutually agreeable terms.